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Ansible plugin for Server Density

This is an Ansible plugin to manage your Ansible inventory over at Server Density. It uses the ServerDensity API and the Ansible API.


The following objects can be created and updated in your Server Density account from within Ansible:

  • Hosts/Devices with groups
  • Services with groups
  • Alerts for
    • Devices
    • Device Groups
    • Services
    • Service Groups
  • Notifications for alerts

There are plugin parameters to define how the plugin will behave:

  • api_token: An API token from Server Density to authenticate yourself
  • force (optional, defaults to False): If an object already exists whether it should be updated
  • cache (optional, defaults to None): Fully qualified filename for a cache of der Server Density data
  • cleanup (optional, defaults to False): Decides if undefined alerts in your Ansible inventory available at Server Density should be deleted
  • readonly (optional, defaults to False): If set to True it will only read the current settings from SD and stores them in a temporary file and does nothing else. This is useful when you want to find out some variable names for alerts or similar things
  • output (optional, defaults to False): If provided, all current settings that are currently set upstream at Server Density will be written in YAML to this file


Download (or clone) the file from the action_plugins directory and copy that into your custom action plugins directory which is defined in /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg. The default location for this is /usr/share/ansible_plugins/action_plugins


This plugin can be used in playbooks or with the ansible script directly.

In Playbooks

Simply include a task like this:

    - name: ServerDensity | Init SD plugin
      local_action: serverdensity

You may also be interested in the Server Density Role that I've written which in addition installs and configures the Server Density agent on your hosts and synchronizes your inventory with Server Density by utilizing this plugin.

From the ansible script

Your whole inventory gets synchronized with Server Density simply by using this command:

ansible all -m serverdensity -a 'api_token=YOUR_SD_TOKEN' -vv

The final -vv parameter is inhancing the level of output on the console and with this plugin you'll get some quite useful information on what's going on in detail.


The following variables are required in order to use this plugin and you should define them somewhere in you inventory, e.g. in group_vars/all. Further configuration for device groups, services and alerts can be defined in variables too and they are fully documented in the Wiki.


Defines the Server Density URL of your account, e.g. ''

Last update: January 12, 2021 18:06:10