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Backup to SpiderOak

If your inventory has the variables spideroak_username and spideroak_password defined, then SpiderOak will be installed and configured automatically.

The directories being included in the backup for SpiderOak:

  • all given directories in the variable spideroak_include
  • all files directories from all Drupal installations
  • the MySQL backups from /var/backups/mysql

The SpiderOak client is running in the background, i.e. it detects new, changed or deleted files immediately and backs them up off-site as soon as possible. The way SpiderOak works has some huge advantages:

  • All data is being encrypted locally before uploaded to the cloud. Hence, nobody will ever by able to access that data unless they get hold of the account's credentials.
  • Changed files overwrite their previous version in the backup, but all older versions are accessible in the SpiderOak account as well.
  • Deleted files are moved to their own trash within the off-site backup so that you can restore deleted files as well, should that ever be necessary.

Last update: January 12, 2021 18:06:10