HaProxy quick update

If any changes have been made, e.g. new domains, changed aliases, or using SSL for certain domain, you might be looking for a way to quickly update HaProxy to make those changes effective.

With the following command, everything will be done within seconds:

ascr haproxy-config


ascr role haproxy --limit=proxyserver -r commonauth,commonconnect,common --tags=Config

Note, if you have introduced new SSL certificates or even new IP adresses then you should run ascr role haproxy --limit=proxyserver without any limitations so that network interfaces, firewall, etc. can all be configured as well.

If you only added new domains to existing SSL certificates, it's sufficient to run ascr haproxy-certs.

You probably also want to look into Quick Update of Varnish.

Last update: January 12, 2021 18:06:10