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Instruction to prepare a certificate file

For HaProxy to terminate SSL requests we require a single PEM file with all certificate components chained together.

The seqeuence of those compoenents is this:

  • Private Key, e.g.
  • Domain Certficate, e.g.
  • Intermediate Certificate, e.g.

Watching statistics

Create an SSH tunnel to the haproxy host's port 7000 and then go to to get live stats.

Talking to HaProxy Socket

HaProxy can communicate with the console through a socket and we provide a script called hasocket which can be used for that purpose. You either call that from the proxy's console or run it through Ansible with this command:

a -a "hasocket 'help'" --limit=proxyserver

Useful commands might be:

  • "show info" show informations like haproxy version, PID, current connections, session rates, tasks, etc..
  • "show stat" prints the stats about all frontents and backends (connection statistics etc) in a csv format
  • "show errors" indeed the following prints informations about errors if there are any
  • "show sess" show open sessions with the used backend/frontend, the source, etc..

Other information

Webinar on version 2.2

Last update: January 12, 2021 18:06:10